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Mycreative-Ness, a business of handmade tweed crafts, is a family enterprise located in Ness on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Although tweedy mice and tweed rugs have proven to be our most popular creations since the business started, we now also make tweedy owls, tweedy cats and tweedy sheep, tweed juggling balls and tweed rugby balls, and tweed lavender-filled pouches, and we hope you will find something to suit your taste.



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tweed crafts-mice

Tweed Mice

Colourful tweed mice made from tweed fabric in a variety of different pattern designs. Each cute mouse has its own name and character. To date there have been more than 80 mice in different fabric designs. If you already own one of our tweedy mice, why not start a collection? Click here to view available mice.

tweed crafts-juggling-balls

Tweed Juggling Balls

Our multi-coloured tweed juggling balls will give you hours of fun. Containing rice and each weighing 84 grams, these pyramid shaped balls are perfect for learning. Available in sets of three, start your collection today!

tweed crafts-rugs

Tweed Rugs

Made from weavers’ “waste” (the long strips of tweed the weaver discards when making a neat edge or selvage on his Harris Tweed woven fabric), our thick, warm and hardwearing woollen rugs add the perfect touch to your home. Crocheted rugs are firm and quite tightly woven whereas the knitted ones are looser.


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Tweed crafts, created with care. Good quality, great value with that little touch of uniqueness… why not treat yourself or a friend today.


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